2018 BMW X4 Redesign, Performance, Price

For many years, BMW Company has been known to release
phenomenally exceptional brands of cars that exhibit
high-quality performance. With the 2018 BMW X4 being in the
progress of being developed, pictures of how it is expected to
be fully designed have been unveiled. Its ultimate imminent
display at the Detroit Show will absolutely give a clear
picture of what the potential buyers should expect from it.

With a great hybrid potential emanating from its classical
design, this car brand appears to be slightly an SUV with most
of its formation resembling a hatchback. Having adopted a new
go-fast variation, this will absolutely boost the overall
performance of BMW X4 compared to other German crossover
models. A clear indication that can make its sales rise just
like for other BMW brands.

Meanwhile, the entire design of this 2018 BMW X4 makes it
sporty and slightly reconfigured compared to other related
versions. In relation to the exterior size, length, ditch
hatches and platform, it is clear that there will be a close
resemblance to the X3 model though the ultra-design. The sharp-edged
appearance will make this model unique. Besides, the 2018 BMW
X4 is expected to integrate efficient trim level. M auto
package that will entirely boost its performance.

2018 BMW X4 -front

Let’s Check the 2018 BMW X4: Out and Inside

Being a sports car, BMW is considerate in integrating light
alloy 20-inch wheelbase with double spoke in order to create a
wider base for greater stability while driving. In order to
ensure great grip is attained, the ever-efficient Michelin
super sports tires are expected to be incorporated. The
presence of sporting activity exhaust systems comes with broad
throttle openings and a shutoff to facilitate efficient
emission of exhaust fumes. Also, the black chrome tailpipes
will also keep the engine performance in check during driving

Additionally, the exterior styling will adopt the LED round
headlights on both ends. Of the car, model to enhance
illumination in a concentrated manner. Meanwhile, the sides of
the BMW X4 2018 are expected to be streamlined giving it an
angular appearance extending to the rooftop. Another slight
change expected is the trademark of the company, which will be


When it comes to the interior design, it is noticeable that it
has adopted a relaxing and highly refined formation. First, the
steering wheel is coated with the high quality leather material
to enhance firm grip while driving. For infotainment, 2018 BMW
X4 is expected to adopt a new 16-speaker audio system, a
satellite radio. Also, a large touchscreen display to keep the
passengers entertained.

Meanwhile, there will be different connectors such as
Bluetooth, USB, and smartphone connectors. Safety control
systems will include security cameras, stopping sensors, path
take-off cautioning, and remote-controlled assistant. Besides,
iDrive control and the dual air conditioning will ensure that
the journey is safe and relaxing. Also, the backseat area is
spacious and comes with comfy sporting-activity seats for

2018 BMW X4 - inrerior

2018 BMW X4 – Engine Performance

Apparently, with some variations expected in this 2018 BMW X4,
the powertrain for this car is expected to include a 2.0-liter
turbocharged engine. Meanwhile, the horsepower generated is
expected to be 280 hp whereas the torque will stretch up to 200
lb-ft. It is also bound to accelerate at 0-60 mph in the first
4.7 seconds thus proving how efficient the engine is. This
significant upgrade is highly anticipated by its potential
buyers due to incredible performance the 2018 X4 will achieve.

On the other hand, this car model will possess an 8-speed
automatic transmission. That comes with programmed gearbox
whereas more power will be concentrated on the rear wheels. The
engine is also in line with fuel economy where its mode is 28
mpg highway/ 20 mpg city.

2018 BMW X4 - rear

2018 BMW X4 – Release Date and Price

When it comes to the cost of which this incredible car model
will be worth. There is no official confirmation yet. Though,
the 2018 BMW X4 is expected to enter the market at starting
price of about $50,000. In relation to the date of release, it
still remains unknown as the vehicle is still being developed.
However, it is anticipated that its scheduled release will be
around early next year.