2018 Dodge Durango Performance, Release Date

The 2018 Dodge Durango is a revival for Dodge and this is
supposed to redefine the SUV side of things for the car
company. It is a renaissance as Dodge’s issues that have been
well-documented in the past few years. But with the unveiling
of this classy SUV, it will definitely be a game changer in the
market and the fortunes of Dodge.

2018 Dodge Durango - front

2018 Dodge Durango – Strikingly Beautiful Exterior and Interior

The vehicle has been going through a number of significant
design changes. The most prominent feature is that it is now
metallic black in colour. It has gone through changes to meet
the demands of the SUV class. The headlights are going to be
LED and they will be much bigger than previous models. The car
is said to be designed to have a muscular and aggressive look
true to the Dodge style of things. It will have aggressive
lines and curves which will make it imposing but easy on the
eye at the same time. The grille will be cross styled and the
exterior will have underlined lines by flared fenders. The
bonnet will be extended with special curves. The back of the
2018 dodge durango will have more indicators and there will be
a rear view camera.


It will be a very spacious vehicle that can accommodate seven
passengers with plenty of leg room and headroom. The Dodge SUV
will have leather upholstery with the seats being covered by
leather. The third row of seats can be collapsed to accommodate
more luggage at the back. On the entertainment side, the
vehicle will have a great surround sound which is controlled by
on the driver’s screen which is operated via touch screens, the
touch screen is 8.4 inches with LCD display. It will have an upgraded satellite
radio and a Bluetooth enabled system. It will have a
Uconnect system for safety and entertainment of the users. The
Durango SUV will also have a Blu-Ray player built in. The 2018
Dodge Durango offers a driver with utmost confidence with the
telescoping steering wheel which has controls to keep the
driver steady and change lanes comfortably. Some of the
vehicle’s controls are positioned on the steering wheel. There
are heated side mirrors, a climate management interior system
and in addition a well enhanced air conditioning system.

2018 Dodge Durango- interior

2018 Dodge Durango – Engine and Performance

Though not confirmed, it is speculated that the 2018 Dodge
Durango will have a brand new gear box. It will have a 3.6
liter pentastar V6 engine and there will be an option of a 5.7
liter HEMI V8 engine which is capable of 300 pounds
feet of torque. It will have a new transmission with 8 gears
and an automatic shifting. The towing capabilities of SUV have
been upgraded to 6200 pounds.

2017 Dodge Durango - side

2018 Dodge Durango – Price and Release Date

The price is still speculative though figures of $35000 and
$41000 are being bandied about. Again word is that if the
engine undergoes any upgrades, the price could soar to $50000
which will be a bit pricey for the average consumer. The 2018
Dodge Durango is expected to be released in late 2017.