Backlinks – The Definitive Guide to SEO Power

Backlinks are a vital component of google algorithms. You, therefore, have to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible to match your competitors. Let us look at some of the places and sites where you can get backlinks.


Where are good places to find good backlinks?


i) Monitor Backlinks


Monitor backlinks is one of the most effective tools for obtaining good backlinks. It informs you of every new backlink and alerts you every time your rivals get a new link. Monitor Backlinks also provides information on keyword ranking and site speeds. You can easily set up your competitors through the dashboard and then spy on them as you build your links to rival them. Its SEO metrics also offers you more information about different backlinks.


ii) Linkstant


Linkstat informs you of all the new backlinks that your website gets. It helps you pinpoint new backlinks instantly. This tool also allows you to view the people who are interested in your website and the reasons why they are linking to your site. You can act immediately whenever you find sinister reasons for the new links your website is generating.


iii) Pitchbox


Pitchbox helps you to perfect your link building strategy and upgrade your brand. It works with your search preferences, helping you to spot and maximize opportunities. Pitchbox even provides the contact of every prospect that you might be interested in. This tool also has an automatic follow-up feature where you can communicate with all prospects all the time. It also provides high-quality templates that allow you to take charge of your outreach program, hence landing more links.


iv) Broken link builder


Just like the name suggests, this tool does all the work. It roams the internet and identifies broken links saving you time and effort. All you need to do after finding the broken links is to maximize building your link popularity. Therefore, you can reach out to the prospects with a better deal, which in this case, is a better link.


You only need to initiate the tool to find the broken links and then identify all the pages that you can quickly rectify. After identification, the last process is contacting the owner of the pages with a new offer. This tool is also extremely fast, identifying broken links in a matter of seconds.


v) Check My Links


Check My Links is a google extension, a feature that makes it one of the best backlink tools you can use for your Search Engine Optimization. It helps you to quickly identify the broken links from different websites and contact the owners with a better offer, which is replacing their broken links with your own. This tool also works as a backlink checker provided that the extension is enabled. Broken external links will appear in reddish form.




There are several sites and places where you can get quality backlinks. Other examples include Ubersuggest, which allows you to access your competitor’s backlink data and then target their links. All in all, make sure that you find the right backlink tool to beat the competition.

Backlinks – The Definitive Guide to SEO Power

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